Our next own a pony days are:

1st June


Own a Pony Day

Our own a pony day events are ran during the school holidays.

Own a pony days Start at 10am and finish at 4pm.

Priced at £50 per day our own a pony days are great value.

Our own a pony days make great gifts. We can provide personalised gift vouchers, please see our gift vouchers page.

What happens on own a pony day?

Your day will begin by preparing your horse or pony's stable with fresh bedding, hay and water. Next, you will be taken to the feed room to prepare your pony's breakfast.

Once all of the stables are ready, you will be taken to the paddock to catch your horses and shown the correct procedure for doing so.

Whilst your horse or pony enjoys his breakfast there is time for a short break followed by a grooming demonstration.

Now, it's time to groom your horse or pony and get them ready for riding. If time you can add some plaits to your horses' mane and tail. Once all the ponies are sparkling clean we all head to the tack room collect your saddle and bridle and tack up our horses.

Once we are all ready we head to the school and mount up. Everyone will have a lesson and/or games in the school and hack out in the woods. We will have a lunch break in between the two riding sessions.

The day is finished off by untacking, brushing off your horse, giving him or her there tea and returning them to their paddock. Once all the horses are out it's then time to muck out the stables.

Don't worry if you're not sure how to do any of the above our friendly team of instructors and helpers are on hand to teach you help you care for your pony.

What do I need to bring?

All of our riders will need to bring a packed lunch, warm and waterproof clothing and correct wear for riding.

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