The Beginner Rider

The Beginner rider will learn to:

  • Lead a Pony safely.
  • Adjust Stirrup length from the ground
  • Check and adjust the girth before mounting
  • Mount and dismount safely
  • Learn to steer
  • Learn how to make a pony walk and halt
  • Ride changes of rein
  • Trot without holding on to the saddle

Work towards ABRS Equitation Tests 1 and 2

The Novice Rider

The Novice rider will learn to:

  • Improve position in walk and trot
  • Canter! You will practice and practice until you can canter without holding on to the saddle
  • Do figures in the school in trot- 20m circle, Figure of eight & 3 loop serpentines
  • Work over ground poles
  • Learn the jumping position

Work towards ABRS Equitation Tests 3 and 4

The Intermediate Rider

The intermediate rider will learn to:

  • Adjust your stirrups and girth before and after mounting
  • Walk and trot without stirrups
  • Work in open order
  • Have an understanding of more complex school figures
  • Small jumps
  • Ride in walk, trot and canter in the open/out hacking

Work towards ABRS Equitation Tests 5 and 6

 The Advanced Rider & Advanced +

Now it gets serious! You will have progressed to a point where you will learn to:

  • Tack-up and untack
  • Ride with a good sympathetic position in walk trot and canter
  • Canter without  Stirrups
  • Ride courses of jumps
  • Rider lateral movements- leg yield, turn on the forehand and rein-back
  • Have a deeper understanding of your mount

Work towards ABRS Equitation Tests 7, 8, 9 & 10

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